This Lightstretch DJ/AV Specialty table cover from Embroze will fit standard 4 foot tables, and is sure to make your DJ/AV booth look more polished and professional! The cover is made from high quality, machine-washable  material and features a beautiful satin/sheen finish. The cover fits snugly around the legs of the table, with one side raised (which would be located on rear side of the DJ/AV booth) for quick and convenient access to dj equipment/wiring underneath the table. This Specialty DJ / AV table cover allows a more convenient and effective substitute for DJ Facade / Frontboard, can be personalized with your company or brand logo, and also features a custom zippered opening to feed wire through the back side of the table so that they are not visible,

DJ / AV Specialty Table Scrim Cover Facade (4ft)

    • Specialty DJ/AV Table Scrim Cover with Custom Wiring Pockets
    • Machine Washable Lycra/Spandex with Satin/Sheen Finish
    • Fits standard 4 foot table (30inx48in)
    • Custom Zipper Opening at top of cover for "invisible" wiring.
    • Raised opening in back of table for easy access to wiring/DJ/AV equipment.
    • Available in Black or White. 
    • FREE Waterproof, Color-coded carry case

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