Professional Grade Lycra/Spandex Table, Truss & Tripod Stand Covers



Embroze Lightstretch (TM) covers allow for aestetically appealing lighting effects for otherwise unappealing stage and lighting equipment. Completely transform your lighting truss, speaker stand, or DJ Table with quick and easy Lightstretch covers, which are specifically designed with lighting and theatrical perfectionists in mind.  Lightstretch (TM) fabric allows you to cover unsightly stage equipment, while transmitting light and creating stunning effects when used together with Embroze lighting fixtures. Lighstretch covers are durable, machine-washable and manufactured using only the highest-quality material with a satin/sheen finish (in other words: they look great with or without light!). Lightstretch covers are also custom designed with custom zipper openings to run cabling/wiring for DJ, Sound, and Lighting systems conveniently, and without visibility. 



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