Wireless DMX/5 or 6 Mode - LED Uplights

Our COLORKLASH series offers professional grade functionality at a fraction of the cost. As uplighting technology has evolved, industry professionals have done away with the near-extinct RGB fixtures which make it impossible to create brilliant ambers, perfect pastels, and nightclub like "blacklighting." No longer are event service providers limited to low-output fixtures that require messy DMX cabling for optimal control of lighting, or which require excessive investments in extension cords and surge protectors. 


Our COLORKLASH LED uplights have become the new standard in uplighting technology. Each uplight in this brilliant line of LED uplighting offers: High-Output LEDs, Wireless DMX capabilites, Convenient 9 Foot Power Cables and "Daisy-Chain" power functionality (allowing you to quickly "daisy-chain" the fixtures while spacing the fixtures out for a more even spread, without relying on extension cords, our needing too many power outlets).  Each model also offers unlimited light design possibilities with multi-function R/G/B/W/A LED's ( with the ColorKlash 204 adding the latest Blacklight/UV functionality as well)!


Get more done with less, as our COLORKLASH series provides at least 2 to 5 times the wattage of the standard LED uplight. Power larger events with fewer fixtures. Amaze your guests with simulated candlelight. Program the lights to flash and fade colors during musical performances. Or perhaps even light up your event with 204 watts of UV light using our COLORKLASH 204, and turn your event into a full blown blacklight party! 

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